Sani Baghavan

The prayers and procedure to ward of the evil effects of 'Sani Dhosahm'

Lord Saneeswara himself visited this temple of Maha Kala Bhairavar. He prayed and got rid of all the effects of the sins he had committed. Similarly, we can also visit this temple and offer prayers to the Lord here in order to get rid of all our sins of commission & omission not only in this birth, but also in our previous births.

Here is the procedure for this purpose:

Visitng this temple and offering prayers to Lord Siva, Goddess Sakthi, Lord Saneeswara, and Lord Anjaneya and performing certain rites will certainly ward off all the evil effects of 'Sani Dhosham'.

Even if the evil effects are not fully warded off, you will certainle be provided with tat least the fortitude to bear the evil effects while getting cleared of all yous sins of commission & omission.

Details of Rasis & procedures to perform rites for warding off the evil effects of Lord Sanwwswara as wellas the effects of our sins of omission & commission during this borth & our other previous births:

  • Lord Sani in Gosaram
  • Dwatha sashtama janmastha
  • Sanyarkarangaraka guru
  • Gurvarthi prana sandeham
  • Snana pramsam dhanakshayam

Meaning - As per the birth rasi and the positions of 12,8, and 1, the movements of the grahhas Sun, Sevvai, Sani, and Guru and as per the positions of 7,4, &2 according to our birth rasis, effects such as risk of losing life, transfer of jobs, transfer of residence, unexpected wasteful expenditure of money, debt problems, theft, loss in business, and no peace of mind. Hence, when Lord Sani resides at the positions of 12,8,1,2 4, 7 as per our rasi, we have to perform some appeasement prayers and rites as mentioned in our Shastras.

Seven-amd-a-half State Lord Sani

As per the individual horoscope and the moon rasi 12,1,2, when Lord Sani resides in these positions, it is known as seven-and-a-half state sani.

It can also mean as a seven-and-a-half-year sani.

Lord Sani resides for two-and-a-half years at each rasi. As per this, his stay in his janma rais and positions 2, 12 are known as seven-and-a-half state of Sani.

This is well known to be the hardest period in life. As per shastras of Astrology, life-threatening diseases may come, a lot of wasteful expenditure will occur, debt problems and obstacles for marriage will occur.

Having no sons/daughters, poor performance in academic pursuits, and various other difficult issues will occur making for loss of mental peace and extreme hardships.

The planet of Saturn (Sani Graham)

Lord Sani was created to cause problems for the 9 grahasas per the horoscope positions.

Astrology Shastra names Sanias the 'Ayulkaragar' (Life-threatening medium). At the same time, he is referred also as 'Arogyakaragar' (Health giving medium).

Hence, as per horoscope basis, 'Gosaram' nasis, and 'Dasabudhi' basis, if Lord Sani is weak, it is predicted that risk of life, and other difficulties mentioned above may occur in life with happiness totally deprived.

Accordingly, seven-and-a-half state Sani, Sani in 'Ashtama', and Sani in Arthashtama' will all cause extreme and countless hardships.

The people, who suffer from these ill-effects, should place trust in God, the Grahams, and the Shastras, and perform the rites in order to appease Lord Sani. They should follow Shanthikarma to appease Lord Sani and perform Sanigraha Pujai,

Manthrajapam, Homam, Dhanam. Sahasranam archanas, Ashtotharam archanas, as recommended in the Shastras.

Observing & performing penance on Saturdays during 9 weeks and reciting Sahasranamawill bring all good effects.

The saying goes that thereis no-one whoo deprives as much as Lord Sani and no-one who gives as much as Lord Sani!

Following this, there will be no doubt that the persons who perform all this prayers for warding off the ill effects of Sani Dhosaha will get all the good things in life.

Lord Sani moves from the Rasi Thulam to Rasi Visakam on 16th December, 2014.

Here is the list of procedures to be followed till Lord Sani's next movement:

  • Seven-and-a-half year sani will start for the stars moolam, pooradam, unthiradam,. Anusham, and kettai of Dhanush Rasi with the 12th position occupied by Viraya Sani.
  • Five-and-a-half year Sani will start for the stars Visakam 4th segment, Anusham, and Keetai of Rasi Virchikam with the Janma Sani occupying the first place.
  • Two-and-a-half years sani will start for the stars Chithirai 3rd & 4th segments, swathi, visakam 1st, 2nd, & 3rd segments for raid Thulam with Padha sani occupying the 3, 2,places.
  • Two-and-a-half years sani will start for the stars makam, puram, uthiram 1st segment, for rasi simmam with Arthashtama Sani occupying 4th place.
  • Two-and-a-half years sani will start for the stars krithigai 2nd, 3rd, and 4th segments for rais Rishabha with Ganda Sani occupying 7th place.
  • Two-and-a-half years sani will start for the stars ashwini, bharanai, krithigai 1st segment for rasi mesham with Ashtama sni occupying 8th place.

All people belonging to above rasis under the occupation of sani will have to pray and light pepper lamps for the Lord Bhairavar who happens to be the guru of Lord Sani himself. This will certainly help ward off all the evil effect of all dhoshams

If they perform prayer and light sesame lamps for Lord Sani on every Saturday, perform archanas, and give annadhanams till the mentioned duration of Sani's stay, all the evils will be warded off.

Even those who are not in position to come for the long duration of years can at least can visit at least 9 Saturdays observing penance and reciting Sani Kavasamand doing 108 pradakshans around the banyan tree.

Or at least they can do 12 pradakshans for each week for 9 weeks.

Lighting sesame lamps for Lord Sani, wearing the dark-blue coloured flower called 'Karunkuvalai', offering black-coloured dress for Lord Sani, performing archanas with vanni leaves, anf offering seseamr rice and jaggery Pongal for Lord Sani and distributing them later are important activities to be performed.

'Dhosha nivarthi parikara japam and Thilahomam should be performed for at least a week,.

Crows are the 'vahanas' or the carriers of Lord Sani. Cooked whest should be offerd for the crows. Live and divine animals such as cow, dog, etc should be offered food, annadhanam. This will help get rid of the evil effects of Sani dhosham.

If all the procedure explained above are followed sincerely, the persons affected by Sani Dhosham will rid off all evil effect as experienced by Lord Sani himself. Not only all the evil effects of Sani Dhosham will be warded off, but also, the y will get all the prosperity and blessings of a peaceful and happy life!