Paavathosa Parikaram

Siddhas had worshiped the sani god here and became pure. The sins committed by you during the former births and the present birth could cause you misfortunes such diseases, unemployment, trouble due to debt incurred by you, dismissal from your service difference of opinion between husband and wife, family problems- To get rid the aforesaid for 36 days, you should bath in the early morning at 5.30 hours, visit this temple and worship LORD Siva and parvathy here and perform Jaba Homams santhi Abhishegam,Archanas, the related parikaram and should continue this 9 time for 36 days, you have to come round this temple, do dhanam and 15 minutes of "Meditations" for 36 days. By this you would get peace of mind and your life would be happy and you could feel this change. In the aforesaid temple, Sani Dhosha parikarams are performed beside Navagraha Homams, Abhishegam, Archanas: for these you can contact us online or at the office of the temple.